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Attorney Thaler has been successfully handling drunk driving (DUI/OUI/DWI) cases for many years. There are three elements of a DUI or OUI charge that must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt: (1) operation of a motor vehicle; (2) intoxication; and (3) public way. For any criminal defense attorney to successfully defend an OUI case, that attorney must be educated in the scientific background of field sobriety tests and breathalyzer tests. An OUI lawyer must also be well-versed in the proper police procedure (from the stop of the motor vehicle to the arrest and beyond) in order to attack the prosecution’s case before and during trial. Finally, only those criminal defense lawyers who have handled hundreds of these cases will have seen and experienced enough to avoid being surprised in the courtroom by any new developments. An experienced criminal defense attorney may file a motion to dismiss, or a motion to suppress evidence, to prevent an OUI case from ever proceeding to a trial in the first place. If you must take the case to trial in order to evade punishment, however, Attorney Thaler and his associates are expert OUI lawyers. Each of us has successfully handled hundreds of DUI or OUI cases. We provide top-quality representation for all clients charged with DUI or OUI.

Many vehicular crimes can carry jail or house of correction sentences while also resulting in a suspension of your Massachusetts driver’s license. Attorney Thaler has successfully handled countless motor vehicle matters and has appeared on behalf of clients both in district and municipal courts, as well as at the Registry of Motor Vehicles. Often times, an attorney may prevent charges from issuing in the first place by successfully representing a client at a “show cause hearing” or “clerk magistrate’s hearing.”  If you have received a motor vehicle citation alleging one or more criminal offenses — even if a civil infraction accompanies it — do not mail the citation to the citation processing center on the back of the form!  You must send the citation instead to the clerk’s office of the district court in the jurisdiction where you were stopped.  Failure to properly request a clerk’s hearing could result in a summons to court for an arraignment — which, if it occurs, will give you an entry on your criminal record.  Any individual facing motor vehicle offenses should retain an attorney at the earliest juncture possible to preserve all potential options.  Feel free to call us at the Law Office of Michael Thaler for a free phone consultation regarding the initial steps to be taken in these matters.

A Clerk Magistrate’s Hearing is a terrific opportunity for a client to end a criminal case before it begins. The stakes in a clerk’s hearing are high: either a complaint will issue against you (and therefore, will sully your criminal record), or it will not (and your record will therefore remain clean). Too many clients have waited to hire a lawyer until after they have already attended a clerk’s hearing without a criminal defense attorney — and after those hearings have gone badly. The expression, “penny-wise, pound-foolish” applies here. In trying to save a relatively small amount of legal fees up front, an unrepresented person may cost himself much more legal fees in the future, defending a case that never should have existed in the first place. Further, the difference between a successful clerk’s hearing and an unsuccessful one can be the difference between having a criminal record and not having one — which could literally mean hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of someone’s career.

Michael Thaler Is A Highly Experienced Clerk’s Hearing Attorney

If you have been summonsed for a clerk’s hearing, you should not treat it lightly. You should hire an experienced and competent attorney who has handled dozens, if not hundreds, of clerk’s hearings. Attorney Thaler and his associates do some of their best work at the clerk’s hearing stage of a case, stamping out criminal charges before they become public.

If you are under investigation for a felony, it is critical that you receive a lawyer’s advice as soon as possible. If consulted at an early juncture, a knowledgeable and experienced felony defense lawyer may be able to unearth exculpatory witnesses or evidence. A thorough defense investigation may persuade prosecutors to not charge you — or to charge you with a less serious offense. At a minimum hiring an experienced attorney will likely prevent the police from contacting you and pressuring you into incriminating yourself. Further, proper early investigation might also prove to be critical if the case ultimately proceeds to trial. If you have been charged and/or indicted for a felony charge, the stakes are obviously high. Whereas in district or municipal court the main goal might be preventing a criminal record or avoiding embarrassing publicity, in superior court the goal is often to prevent a lengthy state prison sentence. Every case — no matter how large or small — should be properly investigated, prepared and defended. With a felony case, however, the adverse consequences of inadequate investigation or preparation — or substandard advocacy — can often be life-changing. At the Law Office of Michael Thaler, we take great pride in the work that we do on behalf of our clients. No attorney or law firm can guarantee any particular result. But we can guarantee the effort. And our best efforts often lead to stellar results.

While a misdemeanor conviction typically subjects a person to less jail time than felony convictions, it can still have a devastating effect on your future. A misdemeanor conviction still gives you a criminal record, which can affect your reputation in the community, since any district court case is a public record and might be printed in your home town newspaper or on the Internet. It also will be available to future employers and/or schools during background checks. Attorney Thaler has helped hundreds of clients facing misdemeanor charges avoid having a criminal record — and avoid the negative publicity that can accompany such charges. Whether you have been summoned for a clerk’s hearing or arraignment, arrested, or indicted for misdemeanor charges, we stand ready to fight for the best result obtainable for your case. 

Attorney Thaler and his associates represent people who have had a restraining order taken out against them. The Law Office of Michael Thaler also regularly defends clients against alleged violations of a restraining order — a serious crime with potentially damaging consequences.  The issues presented by these cases are similar to those in many domestic violence cases.  Given that most restraining orders are issued ex parte — i.e., without the presence of the person against whom the order is taken — the potential for abuse of the process is high.  There is nothing more frustrating than having a restraining order taken out against you fraudulently, as the restraining order will appear on your otherwise clean criminal record and sully your representation undeservedly.  Once a restraining order is taken out, moreover, the plaintiff only needs to call the police with a false allegation of contact and you could be arrested.  At the Law Office of Michael Thaler, we have seen it all.  If you find yourself facing a restraining order and/or alleged violation, call us for a free consultation.  The chances are pretty good that we can help you.