Amy Saunders

What Is The Cost Of A Divorce In Massachusetts?

Cost of divorce in Massachusetts by Amy Saunders This is often the first question for anyone considering a divorce. How much is it going to cost me to get a divorce? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t a simple one. It is important to keep in mind

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Amy Saunders

Alimony payers lose tax deduction under GOP bill

The final version of the alimony deduction tax plan, which was released Friday and is set for votes next week. This move could make ending marriages an even more drawn-out and expensive process, and the change could be particularly painful for lower-income couples. If the alimony deduction

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Michael Thaler

What is a clerk’s hearing?

A clerk’s hearing is a private proceeding in which less serious crimes, misdemeanors, and motor vehicle infractions are presented to a clerk magistrate by the police department to determine whether there is probable cause to issue a complaint.  If the complaint issues, then the case

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Michael Thaler, Esq

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A former Assistant District Attorney (ADA) in private practice since 2016, Attorney Thaler applies a wealth of courtroom experience to representing …

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